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Women's Hormone Health Reset

Women’s Hormone Health Reset Saskatchewan

Reset your hormones, Reset your health!

Do you...

Always feel tired or overwhelmed?

Know your hormones are off but don’t know where to begin?

Dread that one week every month, or the symptoms in the weeks leading up to it?

Then, this package is for YOU!


I’m here to help you make the necessary changes in your life; whether big or small, when it comes to diet and lifestyle. I’ll educate you on what and how your hormones do what they do in your body, and help you connect the dots of the symptoms that you may be feeling. 

Hormones are key building blocks to overall health, and if we can understand them better, we can feel more empowered to make the changes needed to see the difference we are striving for.

Reset your hormones to feel balanced, empowered, and educated on how to live your best life!

This program includes...

  • Initial Assessment (60-90 min)

  • 5 follow-up accountability sessions (30-45 min), these sessions are to help answer any questions or address any issues that may have arisen.

  • Each session covers a certain topic of hormones, complete with handouts.

  • 28-day meal plan that follows the four phases of your cycle

  • Bonus recipe E-book!

  • Access to online supplement dispensary, email, or phone support throughout the 6 sessions.

Cost: $599

**0ption to add a DUTCH test Complete

Hormone balancing program Saskatchewan

Client Testimonials

I loved that this wasn’t overwhelming. I loved that each “task” was given bit by bit instead of implementing a huge change to my lifestyle all at onc. Everything that I have changed is now my new habit because of that. It was pretty cool to see and feel changes as each week went by.


~ E.F

Does this sound like the support you need?

Fill out my application form below to see if we're a good fit to work together, and I'll be in touch soon with next steps!

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