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28 Day Health Reboot

28 Day Health Reboot Saskatchewan

Wondering if you need a reboot ?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the nutrition advice out there? All the new fad diets? Trying to figure out which one is right for you, or if they’re even GOOD for you?

Maybe you're craving a refresh after the holidays? Summer break? Vacation?


Then this is for you!

This 28 Day Reboot will help you get back on track after a hiatus or get you kickstarted in the right direction with guidance, education, and goal setting for a whole 28 days!

It's always a good time to reset.

How this reboot works...

This self-paced, virtual program includes everything you need for a full-body reset!  It includes recipe books, grocery lists, a meal plan, exercise plan, snack ideas, and many more tips and tricks on how to get back on track... and stay there!


You can reset and refresh whenever you need, as this program is completely online, and you’ll have access to it forever with your one-time purchase of $89!

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